Pulcinella//XXI - 2020


Pulcinella//XXI - 2020

Mimed musical action for flutes, cello, piano and dancer

Duration: 12’

Commission by Capodimonte Museum - 2019

The work was composed on occasion of exhibition “Napoli, Napoli. Di Lava, porcellana e musica”. It is the result of a research project about Pulcinella’s mask interpreted as ideal typical expression of otherness. On a formal level the opera consists of a game of metamorphic action-reaction between the musical gestures and the choreographic shapes punctuated by the cyclical return of Pergolesi’s theme of Flaminio – already used by Stravinskij in his Pulcinella (1920) – which in this action recurs as cell germ.

Ensemble Dissonanzen (Tommaso Rossi, Manuela Albano, Ciro Longobardi)

Dancer: Rossella Petruzziello

Sala 12, Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte, Naples, Italy


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