Lampi di materia

Commission by Associazione Scarlatti – Scarlatti/Lab – 2013

Instrumentation: soprano, flute, clarinet, viola, cello, percussions, piano

Duration: 6’

Publisher: Editoriale scientifica Editions

First performance: Phonurgia Ensemble with Guido Arbonelli, Giancarlo Turaccio (conductor), 6 June 2013, Sts. Marcello and Festo Church, Associazione Scarlatti, Naples, Italy

notes: the piece draws inspiration from George Berkeley’s “principle” “esse est percipi [to be is to be perceived]” as the core generator of dramatic action in Film (1965), the only film work by Samuel Beckett. The sentence “esse est percipi” is the only textual material used in the piece.
Composer, Musician, Artist.
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