Oltre Parade

Lampi di materia

Mimed musical action by Rosalba Quindici, for soprano, four musician-performers, an actress and dancer

Duration: 16’

Commission by Capodimonte Museum - 2017

The work was composed for the Picasso e Napoli: Parade exhibition realized by the Capodimonte Museum and dedicated to the period the Spanish painter spent in Italy in 1917. The opera – a mimed musical action – can be conceived as a sort of carousel vivant which consists of actions of an ensemble and of a dancer. Specifically it represents a journey in Picasso’s word which passes through three different dimensions: childhood, the puppet’s word and the word of the Neapolitan popular theater.

soprano: Emerenziana Guido
flute: Marco Salvio
clarinet: Guido Arbonelli
cello: Maria Cristiana Tortora
percussions: Lucio Miele
actress: Annamaria Napolitano
dancer: Rossella Petruzziello

Salone delle Feste, Museo e Real bosco di Capodimonte, Naples, Italy


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