In Corpi Vaganti

Lampi di materia

In Corpi Vaganti - 2015

Instrumentation: flute, clarinets, violin, cello, percussions, piano

Duration: 6’

First performance: Ensemble Interface, Maurice Donnet-Monay (conductor), 10 September 2015, Volkshaus Biel, Bern - Switzerland

publisher: Stradivarius Editions

notes: the piece was composed for the Ensemble Interface, on occasion of the 2015 Bern Musikfestival dedicated to the topic of the Big Bang. Part of the musical material is represented by a defective harmonic built from an analysis of an audio file, made in 2013 from the data gathered by the European Space Agency’s Planck Satellite Mission and consisting of the acoustic “representation” of the evolution of the cosmic microwave background originated by the Big Bang. As wandering bodies, the instruments create a musical fabric rich in contrasts, which originate from specific sound-signals and emulate the great primordial explosion.

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