Elogio della filosofia

in forma di decalogo

Lampi di materia

Commission by CNR, Naples - Italy 2013

Instrumentation: three narrators, soprano, flute, viola, percussions

Duration: 15’

First performance: Opera-reading ensemble, 4 October 2013, Associazione culturale “Megaride”, Naples, Italy

: Stradivarius Editions

notes: this work is a musical work-reading with texts chosen and written by Rosario Diana. It was born with the intention of spreading philosophical knowledge by following different channels from those usually practiced (lectures, conferences, essays, books, etc.). The music is the result of research that has above all delved into timbre, the music interweaves with the text, enhancing its contents and internal dynamism, superimposing and intersecting the various levels of discourse, which entrusted to two different functional components: that of the philosopher (who is onstage and speaks to an imaginary polis) and the vocal-actors’ section (to whom are assigned the philosophical and literary citations quoted in the libretto).

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