Corpi Diramanti

Lampi di materia

Commission by Associazione Scarlatti – Scarlatti/Lab –Naples, Italy

Instrumentation: percussions

Duration: 5’

First performance: Lucio Miele, 27 January 2016, Castel Sant’Elmo, Naples – Italy

publisher: Stradivarius Editions

notes: the piece is structured around a “flow of consciousness” of the marimba, articulated in a continuous dialectic between improvised silences and sudden gestures that spread out from the marimba itself towards the “bodies” of the woodblocks, the tam tam and the suspended cymbals. All this develops in a progressive passage from the determinate to the indeterminate sound, and in the transition of ‘color’ from wood to metal, until the sounds reach their final commingling, through the superimposition of timbrically heterogeneous instruments.
Composer, Musician, Artist.
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