Rosalba Quindici is an Italian Composer.

Born in Naples, Rosalba Quindici studied piano, philosophy and composition.
After obtaining degrees in Piano and in Composition, she got a Phd in Philosophy, with a thesis on Husserl and the phenomenology of musical listening. This work, realized under the supervision of Giovanni Piana,  has been very important for the development of her musical ideas.
She has concluded her studies by obtaining a Master degree in Composition in Switzerland, under the supervision of Xavier Dayer at the Hochschule der Künste of Bern. She is particularly interested in building a specific music listening style by focusing on dimensions of memory and by carrying out personal timbre-research on instruments and voices.
Since 2016 one of directions in which she is moving is the composition of mime-actions based on the synesthetic dimension. She perceives her work as a whole, of which she creates and actualizes concept, music, dramaturgy and direction.
She has received commissions from important institutions and her pieces have been performed in various festivals and national and international including “Münchener Biennale”, “KonzertTheaterBern”, “the Settimana della Cultura italiana of the Istituto di Cultura Italiana in Hamburg”, “the Associazione Alessandro Scarlatti in Naples”, “Musikfestival Bern”, “the University of the Arts in Bern”, “Festival 5 giornate in Milan”, the “Firenze suona contemporanea Festival” in Florence, “Festival Verso Traiettorie in Parma”, “Capodimonte Museum in Naples”, “Sansevero Chapel Museum in Naples”.
Rosalba Quindici
Composer, Musician, Artist.
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