Dalla camera oscura - 2023


Dalla camera oscura - 2023

Omaggio a Mimmo Jodice

for prepared piano, electronics and images

Duration: 21’ ca.

Commission by Capodimonte Museum - 2023

on the occasion of the tribute to Mimmo Jodice's donations

notes: the work – written for prepared piano and electronics – includes, during the performance, the projection of some photographs by Mimmo Jodice. The title of the work underlines the centrality of the photographer's darkroom, which he himself indicates as the physical place and the creative forge from which everything begins and in which the artist acts like a demiurge. Together with the photographs, the inspiring and generative nucleus of the project were, in fact, the sounds/noises produced by Mimmo Jodice at work in his darkroom and recorded by me, together with him and his daughter Barbara. These sounds/noises, resulting from the fundamental gestures and actions of the artist at work, are full of sonic potential that I have extrapolated, manipulated and musically transfigured with the use of electronics.


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